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Through my pain, suffering & tears, He is for me

Here I am just 8 short months later with yet another Crohn’s flare up. Again there’s joint pain in my hands and feet that have been so painful it’s brought me to tears. Yet through my pain and suffering, He is for me. He is near to me and I am near to Him. After two doctors visits, 2 more in the next two weeks, a scheduled colonoscopy, 13 tubes of blood with more requested and some urine, I’m on yet another round of Steriods. But I praise Him for the good days and months I had between. I praise Him that I don't always feel this much pain!

Thankfully, this flare up started after we went to Disney World for their reopening passholder day. I felt so good that I was actually able to push the stroller full of kids 99% of the time!! That hasn’t happened in our whole 2.5 years of going to Disney World!! I really believe that Plexus has helped me to get me to that point!!

Then just 5 short days later the pain started creeping in. Both my joints and stomach were hurting which resulted in not eating and tears because of the pain. It continued to get worse along with mixing up all my words because of brain fog. It's little things like holding crayons to color with the kids, opening containers, switching the laundry etc. that give such pain. But God has blessed us with 4 sweet kiddos who think its funny when mom says silly things like "go get the lawn mower" while pointing at the vacuum! ha!

I sat down with tears in my eyes and told them what was going on and how mommy didn't feel good and how much it hurt. I told them that I had some doctors appointments and how I would need some extra help for awhile. And thankfully, they are were more than willing to help!

Now we wait to see what all the tests reveal and if the Steriods will do more than take the edge off. I sit and wait but in that waiting lean on The Lord who is the ultimate physician, my sustainer. I am reminded of Psalm 90:12 which says "So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom" Lord may all that I do be for your glory because it's not about me

Will you pray with us as we navigate upcoming appointments and medications? He is for me,

God is Sovereign!

Sovereign = God is the supreme authority and all things are under His control

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