• All for Him, Tiffany

This is hard.

I had no idea how hard this would be. Or how much I loved our stuff. I had no idea how much I’d cry over letting go, it’s hard. Harder than I imagined. The memories that toys or books spark, memories of sitting as a family on the sofa, at the dining room table, swimming in the pool or going to Disney just 30 minutes away. It’s so hard to let go, even when you know that’s what you’ve been called to do. We’ve been called to live with less and give more, but I’ve cried so many tears and prayed with closed hands so many times. I love this life we’ve been given here, my normal complacent life.

I’ve pray to have faith like Abraham whom God asked fo leave his land, his entire family, his normal and go where God led him. And he did. The Bible doesn’t say he grumbled or cried or asked “why” over and over. Abraham trusted and obeyed. I have strong faith, I know God is who He says He is and will do what He says He’ll do but to be honest this is one of the hardest things He’s asked me to do.

He’s asked me to give up a dream home & life I never imagined I’d actually have. To give up my comfortable and quiet and go into the unknown, the grey area. If you know me I’m very black & white and don’t like the grey. So when I tell you this has been hard that’s a gentle response!

But I will go. I will have faith and obey because You God are sovereign (all knowing) and I am not. You are in control and have our best interest at heart, You love us and what the best for us. You know how and where our family needs to be to further Your kingdom.

All for Your glory

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