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The Park

Updated: May 23, 2020

I'm not sure what person gave the impression that it was a breeze to take your child to the park, but it's not. Now I'm not saying its not fun, it's just a lot of work. Brayden is almost 15months old, so he's walking and running all over the place, and enjoys putting everything he finds in his mouth. Well it's been so nice out this week that we have either went for a walk or to the park, or both, every day. Yesterday for example - we went to a park down the street, went for a stoll and then I took him to the playground. Well, this is a whole new world to winter baby Brayden! There is grass and wood-chips, aka mulch, and flowers and bugs and sidewalk, and, and, and! So while we are playing on the playground he wants to go everywhere but the playground. Well of course I worry about him tripping on the sidewalk and getting hurt, or kids knocking him over etc, etc. So while I'm trying to keep him from putting everything in his mouth and all the other stuff, he spots it.... a ball. Let me preface this by saying that my child is obsessed, and I do mean obsessed, with balls. And anything that is round or remotely round and resembles a ball, is in fact a ball. And once he sees a ball, it's over. He can say quite a few words and ball is probably the word he says the most because it's his favorite thing. When he spots a ball says it over and over and over. So, he sees a basketball at the park and of course it is over by a little boy who is swinging on the swing set. I couldn't do anything to keep him away from it. I would pick him up and take him over to the other side of the playground - it didn't matter. All he wanted was that stupid ball. So we go over there, mind you kids are swinging back and forth and I just know one of them is going to kick him or knock him over because not only is he walking and running, he's fast. So we go over there I let him touch the ball - hoping that would be enough to get it out of his system... nope lol. It didn't even subdue his crave at all, I think it made it worse. Now, I do believe that I have one of the cutest kids on the planet (all moms think that about their kids) because I think he knew what to do with this basketball because he was trying to dribble it - like hey, this is a basketball and that's what you do! I tried to get him to play by showing him the giant turtle and taking him down the slides but as soon as I let go of him, he was off to the ball! So after what seemed like an eternity and a hot and sweaty mommy, I decided that even if he wasn't done, I was. Then today we met Bray's friend Colin at a little park at our outdoor mall. And it was the same exhausting thing! Only this playground has recycled tires instead of mulch, so this was something new for him to feel and taste! And yes, even though they cut the tires up, they are still dirty and now, so is Bray lol. And I do know that I'm not the only one to feel that a trip to the park is exhausting because one of the moms there said it before I did! You can't turn your head for a second or even bat an eye - they are fast little dudes!!! Now, I love to take him because I know he loves it, but that doesn't mean that I'm not exhausted physically and mentally when we are done :) So, a trip to the park...is far from being a breeze!

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