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Temper Tantrum...

Updated: May 23, 2020

I believe we saw a glimpse of a temper tantrum tonight. On our way home we saw a Little Tykes basketball goal at the end of a driveway that said free. We've been wanting to get one for Bray so this was perfect! So we stopped, loaded it up in the minivan, and took it home! We put it back together, grabbed a ball and shot some hoops with Bray. He loved it!!! Well, not only was it past his bedtime, he also needed a bath. So we brought him in and boy o' boy was he upset! I took him upstairs and put him in the bath, much to his dislike, and gave the fastest bath I've ever given! :) While still crying, we took him into our bedroom to try and get his jammies on him and he was crying so hard that he threw up, twice. He kept going to the door and crying, he wanted to get out and play with his new goal so bad. Ry and I have never seen him act this way before. We tried to sooth him but nothing would help. Finally, we got him calmed down with a bottle and I sat and rocked him back and forth while patting his back. Wow I sure hope this isn't a glimpse of the terrible two's, it stressed both of us out! Poor Bray, he wanted to play so bad! Tomorrow... all day long :)

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