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Cutting the cord!!!

As you've noticed, I haven't updated the blog for a bit. Well, we did a little experiment in our household. We've been trying to cut costs and save money, so we decided that we would stop our cable and internet. We both felt that we were watching too much TV and didn't want Brayden to get addicted to it too, so we made some changes! After over a month now of neither one, we've decided that we can definitely live without cable... but internet is a little harder! So we just activated basic internet service for a much smaller fee. So now, if we want to watch a cable show or a show that we've missed, instead of a high price DVR, we can watch it on the internet. We do have an antenna so we can get local channels and Ry can keep up on his sports fix via ESPN.com! It's kind of freeing - you should try it!

So a lot happens in a month! In our continued efforts to save money, we decided that it was time to get rid of a car payment, so after pinching many pennies, we bought a minivan! And yes, I know I said I would never, ever, ever own a minivan, but I absolutely love it! It has so much more room! And you press a button and the sliding doors open or shut! This particular feature is amazing for a mom, especially when you have a child in one arm, the diaper bag, bottle of water, wallet, groceries etc, etc. So I'm proud to say that we are now minivan owners!!! We also had some good friends that are now far away come to visit.

I applied, interviewed and was accepted into a Surgical program through the hospital I work at. This is a great opportunity and blessing and that we are all very excited about!!! They only selected 16 people for this program and I was one of them! Wow! I'm so excited!!! It's an 11month program that starts August 30th. It will be hard wearing so many hats - wife, mom, student & employee, but we have prayed about it through the whole process and I know that God wouldn't have opened the doors if He wasn't going to open the rest and continue to provide! Also, Brayden is now 18 months old an talking like crazy and into everything! I am loving this stage of his life - he's so fun and such a joy!!! I'll try to post more often again, however, when school starts it will be a little harder - but I'll do what I can!

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