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Breakfast planning for a big family

Do you meal plan? I typically breakfast plan every other weekend and its such a blessing when I do! It makes the mornings go SO much smoother and the kids have a much better breakfast than frozen waffles. But I'm not knocking frozen waffles, I think they're right up there with sliced bread! Genius!! What I am saying is that I've noticed better concentration and attitudes when our kiddos get a healthy breakfast and if its all ready, I have a better attitude too!

One of the things I've been doing is keeping all of our leftover bread like the heel, or 1 lonely bun and tearing them up and putting them in a bag in the freezer, then when I have enough I make it into a breakfast casserole!

Something else I do is make an abundance of bacon, sausage, egg "muffins", and "pan" cakes and various egg casseroles

Egg "muffins" I add a small piece of crescent roll or biscuit in the bottom of the muffin pan and pour the mixed eggs over the top and bake

"Pan" cakes I mix up the whole box of batter - this was a keto pancake mix, or I use a high protein mix and then pour it all in a sheet pan and bake, this time I added a strawberry puree into the mix

Bacon & sausage I just cook a bunch up and then put it the fridge to warm up to go with our breakfasts

It takes a little bit of time & a couple of extra dishes, but absolutely worth it!!!

Happy breakfast planning,

We'll see ya real soon!

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